We have added another 15 garages to the garage finder on http://www.cleanmyengine.co.uk that perform Revive turbo and engine cleaning.

New Revive Turbo and Engine Cleaner Testimonial

Here is another testimonial for Revive: “I thought id drop you a line to let you know how my Audi A3 2.0tdi is doing since having some issues with the turbo over boosting etc. After treating the engine & turbo through the throttle body with the Revive product the over boosting issues have stopped altogether […]

Clean My Engine Website

When you buy Revive Turbo Cleaner you also get added to the http://www.cleanmyengine.co.uk garage map, which allows customers to easily locate you.

New Clean my Engine Site

We have just launched the Clean my Engine site, which provides information to vehicle owners about Revive cleaning: http://www.cleanmyengine.co.uk

BBC Watchdog

Watchdog on BBC1 are highlighting the problems drivers are having with DPF filters. Check out out our PSA FAP tool: http://ping.fm/4rfk8

The latest SPi / G2 Pod iMAP & iKeys update (24.0) has been released for download via the SPi/G2 Suite. More info: http://ping.fm/ohvXV

Checkout the new Vapour Check vFlow – Automotive Smoke Diagnostics Unit with Variable Flow: http://ping.fm/oLw6G