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New Revive Turbo and Engine Cleaner Testimonial

Here is another testimonial for Revive:

“I thought id drop you a line to let you know how my Audi A3 2.0tdi is doing since having some issues with the turbo over boosting etc. After treating the engine & turbo through the throttle body with the Revive product the over boosting issues have stopped altogether and  the engine now seems both quieter and smoother.

The acceleration has since improved and the car definitely has more pulling power through the gears. I have covered approximately 400 miles since the treatment at 77000 miles and there has been an improvement in engine’s economy. When accelerating hard from low  speeds the exhausts no longer smokes like it used to. Im very happy with the Revive product and would be happy to recommend it to other diesel drivers. It would appear to be a very effective product cleaning the turbo and throttle body as well as other parts of the aspirating system as well. I am sure that other users will agree that the Revive product will give a new least of life to their engine and prolonging the life of their turbos as well. Many thanks” – Philip Yeates

Read More – Diesel & Turbo Engine Cleaning: http://www.cleanmyengine.co.uk/index.php/testimonials

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